More style. Less stuff. Reduced stress.

Hey mama, let’s get you dressed without all the drama.

We started Ren & Refined because we believe it’s time to start approaching our wardrobes the same way we do everything else that contributes to our daily well-being, mindfully and with a purpose. Our motto: Dressed Not Stressed.
— Kelsi Brazell, Founder & Mama

The Ritual

step 1: book

Our stylists are not only wardrobe gurus, they also practice conscious consumption and mindful living. Once you’ve been paired with a stylist, you’ll immediately begin setting the foundation for a successful and meaningful seasonal ritual.

step 2: Cleanse

The first of two in-person sessions is spent refining your current wardrobe. You and your stylist will work together to clean out and assess your closet. During this process, you’ll also begin to define your personal style and create a wardrobe plan.

step 3: create

Once you’ve had time to refresh any needed items, your stylist will return to your closet to create and upload your Looks. Taking this extra time to get you organized in the Ren app sets you up for an effortless and organized season ahead.

The Ritual: $350 per season

If you have additional questions regarding The Seasonal Ritual please contact us or visit our FAQ page.


Empowering mothers to prioritize self-care through wardrobe wellness.

Ren & Refined is a wardrobe management platform that specializes in helping you step into your new role as “mom.” Whether it’s your new body, lack of time, or change in lifestyle we reduce the stress around “what to wear” by helping you create a more purposeful wardrobe.

Interested in taking a more thoughtful approach to personal style and consumption?

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Our Approach

Less stress

The life of a new mother is full of re-establishing routines. Your once faithful morning ritual, now includes the wants and needs of your child.

The Ren & Refined platform, helps mothers create new habits around seasonal wardrobe planning, resulting in reduced daily stress.

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more time

Mothers learn how to do more in less time, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be grateful for an extra minute or two added back into your day.

Ren Stylists assist mothers in creating go-to looks empowering you to confidently walk out the door after spending less than 5 minutes in your closet.

Woman and Toddler in coffee shop

smarter investments

Along with desk to dinner, mothers are also going desk to dance class, playdate and pre-school interview.

Access to the Ren app, allows mothers to track and manage your existing wardrobe which results in purposeful future investments that fit your lifestyle.

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Mothering pushes women to become the strongest most resilient most creative problem solvers on the planet.
— Sarah Lacy


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